Angelica Vélez Robinson, founder of Women Awakening is a native of Denver, Colorado with a Bachelor of Arts in Behavioral Science. She and her husband fell in love with Todos Santos four years ago while visiting Cerritos during arguably the worst time of the year to be in the area, September. Carving out a niche for themselves in Todos Santos over the past few years, while holding down a thriving criminal law practice in Denver has presented some challenges, but the work has been joyful and the experiences and friendships they have made have been life changing and incomparable. Angelica woke up at 3:31 a.m. the morning after her birthday with an epiphany: she must create a women’s summit in Todos Santos. Perfectly poised for such an event, Todos Santos hosts a variety of festivals throughout the year. Angelica was honestly surprised that a women’s summit didn’t exist in Todos Santos already. The feminine energy in Todos Santos is a rarified and powerful thing and learning so much from other women in her life, she wanted to create a unique and enlightening knowledge sharing experience with the women of Todos Santos and beyond. Once she shared her vision with the co-creators of Women Awakening, the wellspring of ideas was tapped and began to flow. Angelica Robinson and the co-creators of Women Awakening are honored to share this uniquely unifying experience with you.