Women Awakening - The Journey of Woman, Jill Mollenhauer

Women Awakening - The Journey of Woman, Jill Mollenhauer





The Journey of Woman expresses within the Infinite Universe. It is an intense love affair. As we grow and nurture that which is us truly, we awaken to our miraculous feminine strength and passion, to our profound softness, and to our own divinity.

The warm chakra colors speak of our connection to Mother Earth, our ability to create and passionately engage in being beautifully Human. We are magnificent powerhouses!

Our other half, our ethereal Self is expressed as cool blues and greens. These colors represent the heavens and the heart, the counterpart to our earthly expression. Together they merge in love. The affair is quite literally within us. 

The merging of these two culminates in the yellow, which opens and reveals our true selves. As we release that which does not serve us, the pure white in the center brings forth strength, where the crystal, our Knowing resides.

The gold cord represents our journey, individually and collectively to this place of Knowing. 

Each hand-sewn stitch along it was lovingly placed to represent a woman, in fact every woman who ever has or will step upon this earth. Whether we travel this road in groups or individually, we are never truly alone. We walk together united as one. 

YOU are represented here. I bow to your courage, to your beauty, to the feminine wisdom that has guided you here and to this place, right now. I bow to All that will forever travel beside and within you.

Women Awakening - The Journey of Woman, 2016, by Jill Mollenhauer, Mixed Media on Canvas

Women Awakening - The Journey of Woman, 2016, by Jill Mollenhauer, Mixed Media on Canvas


The passion to express and share the beauty that resides within us all motivates Jill to create, whether it be in paint, metal, or any number of other materials.

‘I want to share the inherent Joy that resides within us. This desire leads to each piece of art. It is my invitation to you, the viewer, to experience Home.’

A San Diego native, now residing in Todos Santos, BCS, Jill is largely self-taught. She has devoted her life to moving forward and expanding her creative skills.

As a private school art instructor through the 1980s, Jill wrote and implemented the art curriculum for grades K-8. She later left the classroom to pursue a full-time art career that has successfully spanned over 30 years.

Her murals, for clients both private and public, grace buildings in California, Mexico, the Philippines and the East Coast. Some of her clients include Children’s Hospital, San Diego, Laguna Trends Gift Shop, the Seaport Village Carousel restoration and the San Diego Historical Society.

Jill has participated in numerous art shows throughout CA, both juried and non-juried, the La Jolla Festival of the Arts, the Talmadge Art Show and, and Mission Federal ArtWalk among them.

Her work has been shown at Agora Gallery in New York City, The Artist Alley in San Francisco, Exclusive Collections Galleries in San Diego and she is currently represented by Mangos Gallery and La Esquina Cafe in Todos Santos, BCS.


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