How To Be Yourself by Loving All Your Selves:
A Personal Journey through Expressive Arts Therapy


In this personal talk, expressive arts therapist, teacher, coach, artist, writer and performer, Zoë Dearborn, shows us, by telling her own story as an example, how to use compassion, curiosity, creativity and consciousness to look within at the inner family of self, and how we can use the tools of art, drama, dance, writing and music to re-integrate all your selves into a unified whole.


Zoë Dearborn is a creativity enthusiast, expressive arts champion, teacher, mentor, counselor & art coach. Her life’s work is synthesizing her four passions: the arts, psychology, education and spirituality to awaken humans to the language of our unique souls, and the yearnings of our universal heart. Zoë holds an MA in Counseling Psychology & Expressive Arts Therapy from California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco and a BA from Oberlin College in Studio Art.

Through her local project Art For Life, her mission is to make the expressive arts accessible to everyone, and to return the arts to their rightful place—at the core of our culture & everyday lives. She is here to inspire people to live out their fullest potential and highest purpose through her unique classroom laboratories (Dance Lab and Art Journal Lab), arts-infused events (Mariposa Night, Open Reading), workshops (Be All Your Selves), and community volunteer work (annual collaborative art projects with local children). She also recently opened a photography and graphics gallery with her husband in Todos Santos, Luz Gallery.

Zoë is also a life-long writer, performer, artist, designer, and collaborator, who writes about the creative process, spiritual philosophy, off the grid living, creative motherhood, and shares her songs, essays, poetry, art and more on her blog, Originally born and bred in Brooklyn, she now lives with her husband and seven year old son on their off-the-grid homestead in the desert in Southern Baja, Mexico.