Finding Fluidity through the Female Archetypes


Women played a very important role in the life of ancient tribes. They were more than just mothers of the tribes’ children. They were builders, warriors, farmers, and craftswomen. Their strength was essential to the survival of the tribe. Yet in recent times, we have been limited to the Madonna or the whore, to name a few, pigeonholing us into a limited and preconceived aspect of our authentic selves and hindering our ancient and intuitive knowledge.

We are all dynamic beings, with many attributes. However, grooming by society has drawn very clear lines of who we should be at various stages in our lives, thus impeding our ability to grow and creating a fear of how we are perceived.

This workshop is an opportunity for us to explore the many female archetypes and reclaim the suppressed parts of ourselves, by being fluid, adaptable in who women are at their core, who we are at our core and unlocking our true potential by honoring our feminine power at our deepest level.  



Stacie Scarbery is a Certified Rolfer, Certified yoga teacher, owner of La Luna Organics body products and TRX instructor with a degree in Integrative physiology and Kinesiology, as well as Women and Gender studies. As a young girl, Stacie was heavily influenced by her grandmother who was an Appalachian Medicine woman, which was a catalyst for her draw towards Holism. Her life work is dedicated to making people comfortable physically, as well as emotionally and spiritually by awakening blocked parts of the whole being.