WITH NIKKI BURNETT, MS CNTP MNT, Holistic, Functional Nutrition

We live in an interesting time. We know more, yet we are sicker. We have more access yet we are limited in understanding.

We, as women, have an amazing amount of power – power to feel, to accept, to heal, to learn, to change, and to lead. We are critical decision makers within our family units, within our communities, within our world. 

The most basic need in life is food, yet it has become one of the most misunderstood and confusing areas of life. There is more confusion as to what healthy foods are and what it means to be healthy. Mainstream media, mainstream medicine, the industrial revolution, the internet – all of these things have given us more access, more information, more connection, yet we’ve lost all of these things in ourselves. 

The goal of this workshop is to begin to understand food again. It’s time we take nutrition back to basics and learn to listen to our own inner wisdom, not the internet. It’s time to bring healing and good health back to its roots. Beyond the beauty of traditional food, we need to understand the impact that non-traditional foods have on our bodies - from our physical and emotional health, to our DNA, then on to our children and our children’s children. Food is life. Food is a way of communication for our cells and our genetic code. A broken line of communication creates broken health, but a clean line of communication can bring us life, vibrancy, and vitality.

The key points of this workshop include:

  • Nutrient dense, traditional foods vs fake, fad foods
  • Epigenetics – food as communication
  • Nutrient deficiency and cell danger response
  • The world we live in – our environment is just as important as the food we eat
  • Empowering yourself and your health – where to begin


Nikki is the founder of Taste Life Nutrition, a practice dedicated to holistic, functional nutrition to meet the needs of the biochemical individuality of each client. She is also the Chief Nutritionist for Trainer on Demand by Lifestyle Social, and LifeStyle Social. She has a Master’s degree in Science, she is a Certified Nutrition Therapy Practitioner, and Master Nutrition Therapist. She works with many different conditions in practice: Reproductive health and fertility, autoimmunity, GI health, blood sugar balance, cardiovascular health, and weight control.

Practicing holistic, functional nutrition gives her the ability to work with people as individuals. To assume one way of life works for all people is a sad, simplistic view of the complexity of the body, the environment, genetics, food, and many other factors. She is committed to changing the way people view food and creating healthy relationships with the life giving foods we eat every day. This is very often a neglected relationship and if that is changed, we can learn to appreciate and understand that food is more than is life.

Practicing holistic nutrition means she looks at the body as a whole. Her job is not to only work with the condition at hand, but to dig to find the root cause of that condition. This not only includes the physical manifestations, but emotional and psychological as well. The body works as a whole, not in pieces.

Practicing functional nutrition means that she runs labs in order to best understand deficiencies and imbalances in the body. This takes out much of the guess work and gives us a better understanding of what the body needs. It gives guidance in the best strategy to bring balance back to the body.