Photo by Kate Turning

Photo by Kate Turning

CUATRO VIENTOS is A UNIVERSAL SPACE FOR PRACTICING & TEACHING yoga, arts, healing, meditation and movement in Todos Santos, BSC, Mexico.

It was designed and created by wife and husband team Marimar Higgins and Oscar Moreno, owners of La Esquína café and bar, which is across the side road from Cuatro Vientos. Cuatro Vientos is a unique center because it is sustained by the teachers and facilitators themselves and is available for retreats, events, workshops as well as ongoing classes. 

CUATRO VIENTOS is located in Todos Santos, BCS, Mexico across from the side road from La Esquína café and bar on Calle Horizonte.



The original idea for Cuatro Vientos came from Marimar’s need to have a new space to conduct her ten-year running Hatha Yoga Flow class. “I wanted a beautiful place to teach my class. I came to the project by simply asking myself what kind of space I would want to teach in, and the design was based on that," says Marimar. As her vision developed, she realized she wanted the space to offer more than just her class. “I knew that, with all the creative and talented people in this town, there would never be a shortage of offerings from the community.”  

Cuatro Vientos means four winds, therefore Cuatro Vientos, the building, was built in alignment with the four directions. It faces east, the rising sun, and the eight main beams of the palapa align with the four cardinal and sub-cardinal directions. When we blessed at the opening ceremony, we called in the four directions, as well as the center. On this inspiring day, healers, leaders and teachers came together in an overflowing room full of hundreds of people, to co-create a multifaceted ceremony that included turning to and blessing the four directions, chanting, meditation and a teacher-led sampling of offerings. The powerful vortex of creative and healing energy that was created that day, and continues to be felt by all who come to the space.

When you honor the four directions you become aware that you are always at the center, right here, right now.  You honor where you have been, where you are going, those who have come before you and those who will come after you.  You understand that although you are on a journey, in any given moment you can only be here and now.  The four directions represent the essential parts that make up the whole. At the center you find your truth, your alignment with Source.

Cuatro Vientos is a place where people can come from all over the world (from the four winds) to offer and receive teachings.  When we listen and share and are open to all perspectives, the potential for healing and growth is limitless.

If you are interested in renting Cuatro Vientos for workshops, events or to teach an ongoing class, please contact Marimar Higgins.

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Marimar Higgins, Cuatro Vientos Owner & Yoga Teacher