Photo by Kate Turning

Photo by Kate Turning


Cuatro Vientos is located on Calle Horizonte, in Todos Santos, BCS, Mexico. Located across from the side street from La Esquina Cafe & Bar.

What is Cuatro Vientos?

Cuatro Vientos is a multi-use center. A large state-of-the art studio space with a high palapa roof, wood floors and giant windows overlooking beautiful gardens. The studio is surrounded by shaded patios, palm trees, and marked by winding paths flanked by a diverse variety of native and tropical plants.

Cuatro Vientos is available to rent for weekly ongoing classes, non-recurring workshops, events, & talks.

All teachers and classes are independent—each teacher is responsible for her/his own class time, students, publicity and fees.

Cuatro Vientos is proud to host annual conferences, including: Women Awakening & Sangha Yoga Fest.

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  • Cuatro Vientos is open year round, the class schedule varies from month to month so please check the latest schedule
  • The center runs as a cooperative. There is no receptionist on site, please pay the teacher directly for your class
  • Class prices vary, you can find the cost for each class on the schedule
  • Most teachers offer a multiple class discount
  • Mats and props are provided
  • No need to sign up ahead of time, just show up a few minutes early for any ongoing class
  • Some workshops & events do require pre-registration, in those cases, the teacher will indicate how to sign up



If you are interested in renting Cuatro Vientos for an event, workshop or ongoing class, please contact Marimar at

Once approved by Marimar, the teacher can rent the studio for a regular 90 minute time slot



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Cuatro Vientos opened in January 2015. The building and gardens were intentionally designed to be in harmony with the natural environment. The space was blessed with both a four directions ceremony as well as through the creation of a crystal grid.

Cuatro Vientos means Four Windsand the building itself was designed in alignment with the four directions. The building faces east, the rising sun, and the eight main beams of the palapa align with the four cardinal and sub-cardinal directions. During the building process, one large apotholyte crystal was planted in the earth below the center point of the studio.

On Christmas Day of 2014, a four directions ceremony was held to bless the space with feathers gifted by a Native American Lakota chief. Two feathers were placed in each of the four directions to call in the energies and qualities from each direction as well as ancestral guidance. From the center point of the studio, and twenty meters out in in all four directions, an amythesist crystal fed, blessed with food and water, and planted in the ground.

In honoring the four directions, you honor mother earth energy, father sky and heart energy at center. These ceremonies facilitated and amplified Cuatro Vientos’ connection to the spiritual world.

On January 5th 2015, on the full moon, over 100 members of the community were invited to open the space. A Five Directions Goddess ceremony, an ancient Sufi four directions ceremony, bu, that calls in the four directions as well as the center, was conducted.

When you honor the four directions you become aware that you are always at the center, right here, right now.  You honor where you have been, where you are going, those who have come before you and those who will come after you.  You understand that although you are on a journey, in any given moment you can only be here and now.  The four directions represent the essential parts that make up the whole. At the center you find your truth, your alignment with Source.

Each time the space is used with intention, this vortex of energies from the power of the crystal grid and these opening ceremonies, is strengthened. The people who practice in the space benefit from this powerful, healing energy and also help to strengthen it with their intentional practice.


“I wanted a beautiful place to teach my class. I came to the project by simply asking myself what kind of space I would want to teach in

Marimar Higgins is the owner and visionary behind Cuatro Vientos. Her first intention was to create an ideal studio where she could continue to teach her 10 year running Hatha Yoga Flow class. She also wanted to create a space that would serve as a community space for other teachers and practitioners.  “I wanted a beautiful place to teach my class. I came to the project by simply asking myself what kind of space I would want to teach in, and the design was based on that," says Marimar. As her vision developed, she realized she wanted the space to offer more than just her class. “I knew that, with all the creative and talented people in this town, there would never be a shortage of offerings from the community.” 

Cuatro Vientos is a place where people can come from all over the world (from the four winds) to offer and receive teachings.  When we listen and share and are open to all perspectives, the potential for healing and growth is limitless.


If you are interested in renting Cuatro Vientos for workshops, events or to teach an ongoing class, please email Marimar.

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