The Gift of Intuition: Your Intuitive Style and Your Path to Self-Awareness


This session will focus on what intuition is, how we all have it, and how to develop it according to each participant’s Intuitive Style. Knowing your Intuitive Style determines your particular path to self-awareness.





Coaching is about directing and developing your intelligence to perceive the need and direction for change, create choice and take positive action. Intuitive coaching is using intuition -- yours and mine -- to direct your intelligence more precisely to access guidance and create the greatest scope of choice with the best possible outcome.

Intuitive Coaching is an experience of precise, specific guidance and direction designed to motivate, increase awareness, create informed choice and provide energetic support to people who wish to improve their lives, evolve their relationships and create greater success and satisfaction.

Fran Gallaher is the Founder of Really Flourish LLC. Fran uses her intuition and access to guides to make her coaching focused, efficient and effective to get to the heart of her client’s situation. She also uses focusing exercises and guided visualization to assist clients during individual sessions and workshops to allow her clients to more strongly connect to their inner selves through direct experience and the discovery of their own, often unrecognized, inner resources and heart’s desires.